Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Steps to becoming a good coach or not?

Steps to becoming a good internet coach
If you are offended by this, then maybe you need to be offended.

1.    Join a circle of other likeminded industry folk that like to shamelessly self-promote each other

2.    Continually post info from people either in your circle community or from people way smarter than you. Also, rip off stuff from people that are way smarter and more talented than you and then repackage it and call it your own so you can appear to be cutting edge even though it’s not new.  Ripping off past works of art is how history gets made guys!

3.    Call out gurus because they use gimmicks or “bro-science” even though you have 5 years of experience in the field, yet can still write articles and blog posts daily and you call yourself the Assmaster, Kettlebell warrior or some other bullshit

4.    Work under a coach or team that already has success or good recruiting skills.  The team’s success will be directly correlated to your hard work and you can put that out on your resume and the twitter

5.    Tell others to be evidenced based then pump some bullshit agenda that is not. For example: “Foam rolling is bullshit, see this study that says the same thing.” Yea, the study with 6 participants using a foam roller in a way I have never heard of one being used?

6.    Tell others to be practical based even though you don't actually work with more than two people a day

7.    Post tons of vids and pics of yourself working out but none of your clients.  Show everyone how strong and fit you are because quite often the best athletes and lifters are also the best coaches right?

8.    Also motivational sayings are sweet. When I first went to college I believe our motivational saying was “work hard and you can have some water”

9.    Link yourself to a fad diet or supplement and then pump the shit out of it because your buddy owns the company even though it’s just chocolate milk with some vitamins in it

10.  Tell people how important it is to get stronger no matter what even though you're a power lifter or oly-lifter and disregard the fact that 90% of the population that will be reading your article work with people that are either not athletes or if they are, they come from sports that have more than two variables that are outside their control


Steps to becoming a good coach

1.    Care, give a shit, give more than is required of you to others. If your day coaching doesn't both invigorate you and exhaust you, take a hike

2.    Have empathy.  90% of us work with regular clientele and multi-directional sport athletes.  Put yourself in their shoes, not your own

3.    Balance in every aspect of your coaching style. Not standing on a bosu ball balance

4.    Do the basics and do them well
5.  Find a great mentor and become a great mentor.  Give your time to others in the industry and share everything.  You may be surprised by what comes back to you


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